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What Is This Show About?

The Clu Crew” series tells the story of the Clu children who recently moved from Venezuela to Chicago to join their estranged uncle, Rear Admiral Charles Clu, commander of the Great Lakes Naval Base. After the children’s Christian missionary parents, Chris and Elizabeth Clu, die in a plane crash in the mountains of Brazil, “Uncle Chuck” must take custody of the children as the next of kin. But Bachelor Uncle Chuck, his doctor friend Bonnie Chan, and the Clu children, or “Clu Crew”, must adjust to their contrary lifestyles and needs – along with their pet capuchin monkey, Bingo! The Clu Crew’s natural curiosity and sense of daring make for some exciting and even outrageous adventures.

Each episode is told with a family-friendly, faith-based narrative where there is always a lesson to be learned, a Biblical principle to enact, and a mystery to be solved!

Recommended for children and families.

Where Can I Listen?

Catch "The Clu Crew" on UNSHACKLED Radio at, Saturdays at 8am and 6pm!

Want to hear "The Clu Crew" on your local station? Reach out to your station manager and ask if they can air this program in your area. 

Episode Information

Episode #1: The Clu Crew and The Case of the Missing Monkey

In this episode, the children first land in Chicago and meet their "Uncle Chuck," but things don't necessarily go to plan!

Key Bible Verses: Exodus 20:15; Matthew 6:12; John 11:35

Show Themes: Family, Prayer, and Forgiveness

Episode, #2: The Clu Crew and The Case of the Fire in the Night 

In this episode, the Clu Children struggle with making friends in their new environment...and things get a little out of hand.

Key Bible Verses: Proverbs 17:17; Proverbs 13:20; John 11:35

Show Themes: Prayer, Friendship, and Confession 

Episode, #3: The Clu Crew and The Case of the Poisoned Pie 

In this episode, the Clu children solve the case of a sick judge at the summer pie competition!

Key Bible Verses: James 1:14; Psalm 139:14; Philippians 1:2

Show Themes: Envy, Selfishness, and Confession 

Episode, #4: The Clu Crew and The Case of the Playground Vandal 

In this episode, the Clu children enjoy Chicago's city parks...that is, until someone tries to ruin it for them.

Key Bible Verses: 1 Corinthians 12:4-10; 1 Corinthians 12:17-18

Show Themes: Uniqueness, Bullying, Selfishness 

Episode, #5: The Clu Crew and The Case of the Bank Robber 

In this episode, the Clu children explore Chicago, but when they're witnesses to a bank robbery, can they put their skills to use and help solve the crime?

Key Bible Verses: 1 Peter 5:7; 2 Chronicles 15:7; Philippians 4:19

Show Themes: Anxiety, Hard Work, Stealing

Episode, #6: The Clu Crew and The Mystery of the Lake Monster 

In this episode, the Clu children have fun at Lake Michigan. But when something scares them away, can they find out what it is?

Key Bible Verses: Psalm 23:4; Luke 12:15; 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Show Themes: Fear, Greed, Disobedience

Episode, #7: The Clu Crew and The Case of the Rabid Rumor

In this episode, the Clu children find out they might have rabies -- or at least some of their friends think they do! But how this the rumor get started?

Key Bible Verses: Ephesians 4:29, Ephesians 2:10, Proverbs 15:2

Show Themes: Gossip, Popularity, Forgiveness

Episode, #8: The Clu Crew and The Case of Tut's Tomb

In this episode, Peter Clu is pulled head-first into the world of technology...simply to help him with homework. But when it grows into something much bigger and more dangerous, can the Clu children solve a mystery to help Peter in time?

Key Bible Verses: Ephesians5:15-17; 1 Corinthians 10:31; Ecclesiastes 3:1; Matthew 5:30

Show Themes: Technology, Idols, Safety, Moderation

Why "The Clu Crew"?

The ministry of UNSHACKLED wants to reach everyone with the gospel message,  which is what we've been striving to do since 1950. But some of our radio drama content is too mature for young listeners. So we decided to create a new program specifically with younger listeners in mind!
Our goal is to produce exciting, dynamic, and thought-provoking content that upholds -- and even teaches --  Biblical values.
We hope this can be something both children and families enjoy together...and learn from!